Brazilian Wax, An Introduction

Brazilian Wax, An Introduction

Brazilian waxing, many of you don’t know this is what I do when I’m not doing make up… Yes I am looking at Vaginas all day! As the owner of Heavens Beauty Lounge, I’m also a service provider doing makeup & waxing. Brazilian waxing to be one of my most popular services.

So if you have never had a Brazilian wax, your missing out! I know it can be extremely scary to think of. Don’t worry it’s really not that bad, of course it comes with skill set and the right type of wax. I personally use hard wax, it’s virtually painless. Now don’t get me wrong we are ripping hair out of your vagina so it’s not going to feel like a walk in the park. However once the job is done you’ll wish you would’ve done this a long time ago, your gonna feel like a brand new woman!

FAQ About Brazilian Waxing

So let’s talk about some of the things that people ask the most:

Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

It’s definitely a little uncomfortable, but you’re not gonna die LOL. After your third wax it does get much easier and the pain is more bearable. (The results make it all worth it)

How long does my hair have to be? You should have about a fourth of an inch of growth (about the size of a grain of rice) typically about two weeks after you’ve shaved.

Can I have sex after I wax?

Yes you can go back to normal activity after you wax, even exercise.

How do I take care of myself after a wax?

Exfoliating and scrubbing is key, you want to keep the dead skin off. So that you do not get bumps, using a scrub or exfoliating on a daily when you shower will eliminate and prevent that.

How often do I need to wax?

Every 3 to 4 weeks is ideal!

What are the Benefits of a Brazilian?

Less to no bumps (ingrown hairs).
Smooth for sooooooo much longer than shaving.

*Many women can feel embarrassed to show their lady bits, truth is we all have a VAGINA (women) and us technicians have seen it ALL, yes they are all different but the same. So if you’ve been skeptical, don’t be it will change your life! And I promise YOUR NOT GONNA DIE, LOL.

Xoxo Gaby (Muagaby)

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